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BACK NPK Fertilizers

MENAFERT Water Soluble NPK, are fertilizers with different NPK ratios that fulfills the needs of the crops at any stage of the growing season. N stands for nitrogen, which is responsible for strong stem and foliage growth. P is for phosphorous, builds healthy roots and promotes fruiting and flowering. K short for Potassium, improves overall vigor of the plant and disease resistance. Because not all plants have the same nutrients requirements, MENAFERT international has produced a broad range of top-quality, fully and rapidly soluble fertilizers that can be used in fertigation systems or as foliar application for crops. These NPK fertilizers, characterized by quick absorption and assimilation into the plant, are practically low on chloride and sodium. Consist of high quality nutrients for plants, they supply its nutrients requirements quickly and efficiently during the plant cycle and therefore rapidly increasing its growth.

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