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BACK Trace Element

In addition to the principal elements, plants also require regular supplies of Trace elements for their continued balance and growth. Trace elements in the soil might be in a form that plants cannot readily access or at low level. Once combined with organic coumpounds, they are called Chelates and therefore the element will remain available for the plant in its soluble form. For this, Menafert International offer a full range of chelated and non-chelated trace elements, in solid and liquid form. We also offer physical mixes (blends) or compounds (chemical mixes). 

Our EDTA chelate bind effectively with iron, manganese, copper, and zinc. Menafert EDDHA chelate play an important role to Supplement Fe for the plants. The Menafert DTPA chelate maintains high iron availability to plants in unfavorable conditions.

All these chelated forms keep the plant strong and healty, enhance its nutrition and develeopment -  for the best yields.

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